Bo Derek’s regret

At age 63, Mary Cathleen Collins He leads a peaceful life on his ranch in the Santa Ynez Mountains, a region about two hours north of Los Angeles noted for viticulture. Since January, when he decided to stay at home permanently without imagining that from March on he would have no other option, he makes coffee every morning, takes the dogs out for a walk, feeds the many horses he owns, eats lunch, spends the rest of the day with the chores of the house and after dinner he starts to watch movies with John Corbett, the actor with whom he has lived for 18 years and with whom he has a kind and cordial relationship, in which it does not seem that she was born five years before him.

Very occasionally Collins agrees to become a Bo Derek, that sexual legend that drove Americans crazy first and the rest of the world later. Today it is clear that to create her something had to do her late husband, John Derek, the actor, director, photographer and seducer of unforgettable women who fell in love with her when she was just 16 years old and he 46, and Blake Edwards, the director who made her chose over Melanie Griffith as the perfect woman for his movie 10 , in which Dudley Moore was obsessed with his ideal silhouette and his eyes the color of the sea that have not lost their appeal.

The protagonist of ’10’ also values ​​that perhaps that relationship protected her from sexual predators in the Hollywood of the 80s

Today the owner of a fortune estimated at 42 million euros, part of which she has invested in a company that manufactures dog food, Mary Cathleen returns to the sets from time to time, as she did for the telefilm JL Family Ranch , in which he shared the bill with other glories of other times such as Jon Voight, James Caan and Teri Polo. However, for one of the four chapters of the cable channel Reelz’s documentary series On my own words (In my own words), in which there are also episodes for Valeria Bertinelli, Bernie Mac and Fran Drescher, and which aired in August, Collins dared to abandon his semi-retirement to reexamine his peculiar career in front of the camera. According to the actress and model (since we must not forget the famous nudes she did for the magazine Playboy ), there were many attempts to convince her to tell her life in the first person, but she always said no.

It was producer Bill Katz who managed to get him to sit for four hours to speak in front of the camera. Logically one of the unavoidable themes in the documentary was the romance she had with John when she was a teenager, and he, a man married to actress Linda Evans: “I will never forgive myself. I know that I would never repeat a mistake like that and I think I have learned from my mistakes, but I will always be in debt to her, “said Mary Cathleen in an interview with the writer, admitting that she was very surprised when she learned that the protagonist of Dynasty , who is 77 years old today, had agreed to speak for the episode: “Seeing him give his testimony brought back sad memories of when I began my relationship with John, who was then her husband. It was a very painful time for everyone involved. But she is a beautiful human being, and I cannot believe that I have caused her so much pain. Linda is a very private person, so I suppose she wanted to clarify once and for all how she lived that story ”.

Bo Derek with her husband John Derek, whose relationship began when she was 16 and he was 46

Ron Galella / Getty

The episode also analyzes in detail the complications that she and Derek had to go through to avoid being persecuted by the Californian justice, which considered the relationship between the two a crime. In the interview, Bo argued that perhaps it was that relationship that protected her from the onslaught of Hollywood predators that lurked in the 1980s. “I started working for my husband when I was 17 years old, and although it can be argued whether that relationship was successful or not, it offered me some protection. I often compare it to the story of Gwyneth Paltrow with Harvey Weinstein, who was afraid of Brad Pitt. My husband had his reputation, so many people feared him. But I also know that I was lucky that he was a good man, because I was madly in love with him. It could have been an abuser and the story would have been completely different, “he reflects today.

The episode could not miss the reputation of a fool that accompanied Bo throughout her career, something that she accepted as part of the character that made her a millionaire in those days: “I’m blonde, and I never felt the need to go out and explain that I am intelligent. I’m not a fool. And I always felt very satisfied with the brain that touched me. It was enough for me to achieve what I set out to do, but I never felt that I had to go out and change people’s opinions. And at this point in my life I feel very comfortable with my intelligence. Despite the strange decisions that I made in my life, and the crazy films in which I participated, people treat me with respect, and that for me is more than enough, “he says.

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Bo Derek’s regret

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