Bad Lakers without LeBron: Lillard and Portland destroy them

The Blazers, with their star finally protagonist, tear up the yellow-violet who also lose Davis to stomach ache

The “work in progress” sign will also be present every time the Lakers take the field, but every now and then some progress would be needed. What Los Angeles does in Portland, on the other hand, is a sensational step backwards, a fool that triggers some alarms. Because the Lakers against the Blazers have practically never been in the game, down by 22 already at the end of the first quarter and sinking down to -34 corrected in 105-90 at the end.

LeBron James was missing, out for the second race in a row due to an abdominal problem that should keep him still all next week, and after 7 ‘a stomach virus blocked Anthony Davis, already bruised from a sprained right thumb. The absences are not, however, a sufficient alibi to justify the defeat and a game in which the Lakers gave the impression of never understanding how to play. Also because Portland did nothing special, except to find Damian Lillard (25 points and 6 assists) similar to the phenomenon that is usually and not to the player in difficulty of this first part of the season (17.8 points with 33.1% from the field, the worst career data).

the defeat

The Lakers (5 wins and 5 losses so far) lose for the second straight game without LeBron. They were fumbling with Davis already at the beginning: his exit from the field after 7 ‘(“His thumb didn’t give him any problems, but he threw up 4 times before the game. He tried to play, but he wasn’t well”, said coach Vogel). certainly removed a point of reference but it is not the only cause of the disaster that followed. The least worst was Carmelo Anthony, 12 points with 4/14 shooting but never able to give the shock. Russell Westbrook was an 8-point, 9-rebound, 6-assists and 1/13 5-ball shot disaster, never able to give the team the pace and confidence they needed. DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard also did something good, but they overruled the confrontation with the unleashed Jusuf Nurkic, the defense never even figured out how to make Lillard continue in his disastrous start to the season. “We are not looking for excuses – said Howard -. We are not yet the title team we want to be, but to get there we have to be humble. We didn’t play as the Lakers. To win you need humility, energy and commitment, this must be our creed ”.

the triumph

Portland (5-5) hits the second win in a row and hopes to have finally recovered the real Lillard. Dame played as a star in the first and third quarters, igniting the team with his assists as he always managed to do in this beginning. This time, however, he also added heavy baskets. “It was nice to see the shots go in immediately, but I think I missed some of them that I usually do – explained the gold of Tokyo -. I think I am in the right direction and that I have to keep working ”. Spectacular Nurkic under the basket (15 points and 17 rebounds), effective both Norman Powell (13 points) and Robert Covington (12), only CJ McCollum (7 points and 1/10 of three) subdued. The defense had an easy time against the Lakers attack, closing the spaces in the area and letting the guards and opponents shoot from outside. “We are 5-5, but for the problems I have had and we have as a team we could be even worse – continues Dame -. That’s okay with me, considering how much we can still improve. But we have to make sure we do it ”.

the match

Lillard lights up immediately and Portland takes control of the match with a devastating 22-2 run in the first quarter. The Lakers in the second return to -11 from the 38-14 to which they had fallen, but at the interval the Blazers are ahead 51-36, with the yellow and purple kept at 27.3% shooting. Lillard completes the work in the second half: in the third period he scores 14 of Portland’s 42 points, whose advantage goes beyond 30 points, transforming the final 12 minutes into garbage time.

Portland: Lillard 25 (3/5 of two, 6/14 of three, 1/2 free throws), Nurkic 15, Powell 13. Rebounds: Nurkic 17. Assists: Lillard 6.

LA Lakers: Monk 13 (2/4, 3/7), Anthony 12, Howard 11. Rimbalzi: Jordan 9, Westbrook 9. Assist: Westbrook 6.

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Bad Lakers without LeBron: Lillard and Portland destroy them

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