REVIEW: The “Bears” record from Chad is like a vaccine for the soul

REVIEW The Bears record from Chad is like a vaccine

Slovak hard guitarist Chad is here with another album. It was created on the premises of the Czech studio Sono during the unfortunate covid period. And she signed “Bears”. Positively? Negatively? What will the most significant metal formation from the eastern neighbors offer this time? If anyone managed to perfectly capture the frustration of two … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: “2112” and “Moving Pictures”: two milestones of the Rush group that should not miss you (first part)

FAMOUS ALBUM 2112 and Moving Pictures two milestones of the

This time, the show Famous Albums took on two recordings, which shot the band Rush towards fame. Therefore, we tried to capture the most important moments of their creation, even at the cost of eventually having to divide the article. The “2112” and “Moving Pictures” collections from 1976 and 1981 are worth it. For many, … Read more



Notre Dame De Paris il Musical. Everything comes from the novel by Victor Hugo NOTRE DAME OF PARIS, which the French writer published in 1831: even then it was immediately received with great favor, overcoming the censorship of the time and reaching up to our century. It tells a timeless story and it is perhaps … Read more

PUBLICIST: Twenty best home records of 2021 by music server (20-16)

PUBLICIST Twenty best home records of 2021 by music server

In 2021, the concert could have been a bit more than in the previous year, but the reverberations of the quarantine were still fading. Enough albums have been released to select the best ones. Twenty-three editors would appreciate a total of one hundred and three domestic (Czech and Slovak) records. This is the final twenty … Read more

ETTA INTERVIEW on POP single .. “Hell Raton I wrote a song about you too, you should listen to it”

ETTA INTERVIEW on POP single Hell Raton I wrote a

Etta comes out on 21 January with the official video clip of P.O.P., his new single for ADA Music Italy, available on all digital platforms since January 14th. Known to the public for attending the auditions of X Factor 14, Etta she is a very versatile artist, so much so that she is the author … Read more

Tiradentes Film Festival: 25 years, totally online and free – music non stop

Tiradentes Film Festival 25 years totally online and free

short Music Non Stop no Facebook In 2022 the event celebrates its silver anniversary. The topic discussed in this edition of the Tiradentes Film Festival It’s Cinema in transition. In addition, a balance will be made of the perceptions and paths that filmmakers and spectators have traveled in these more than two decades. From 1998 … Read more

The Weeknd didn’t mature for Viktor Sheen either: “Dawn FM” starts in second place in the Czech rankings

The Weeknd didnt mature for Viktor Sheen either Dawn FM

Even on the seventh attempt, no one was able to beat the ruler of the Czech album chart, Viktor Sheen. This time, one of the most popular artists on the planet, The Weeknd, opposed him. His new “Dawn FM” has to settle for second place. Nothing has changed on Adele’s reign on the radio either. … Read more

The 2022 Grammys is coming! Discover 10 facts about the biggest award in world music

The 2022 Grammys is coming Discover 10 facts about the

If here in Brazil the year only starts after Carnival, in the music industry the turning point takes place during the biggest awards ceremony in Music; The Grammy. This year has the 2022 Grammys. We will reach the 64thth edition of the biggest awards in the mainstream music world. And with that, we made a … Read more

Nové desky 2/2022 – od The Lumineers přes Elvise Costella po Dymytry

Nove desky 22022 od The Lumineers pres Elvise Costella

Kolotoč hudebních novinek se už opět roztočil a tentokrát se na něm točí folk-rockoví The Lumineers, bluegrassoví Punch Brothers, nestárnoucí Elvis Costello, Angličanka FKA Twigs, indiepopoví Fickle Friends, coververze Cat Power, Bonobo, spousta rocku v podání The Wombats, Magnum, Skillet a také anglická deska Dymytry. V pátek 14. ledna vyšly tyto nové tituly: The Lumineers … Read more

Casa Sanremo, the hospitality area of ​​the Sanremo Festival, turns 15

Casa Sanremo the hospitality area of ​​the Sanremo Festival turns

Sanremo House 2022. For 15 years Sanremo house it is considered by many insiders, and not only, as “The House of the Festival” … a place dedicated to culture and communication. Sanremo house was created, designed and built by Events Group Consortium and, Sunday 30 January at 18:00, the ribbon cutting is scheduled for the … Read more

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