Arianna Tricomi, the free spirit who does not dream of the Olympics

The athlete from Trentino, two times World Tour champion, protagonist of the Milano Montagna Week: “The Games? They don’t interest me. I left skiing because there were too many rules ”

Free spirit. This is the best way to describe the skier Arianna Tricomi, who last March in Verbier won the Freeride World Tour for the second consecutive time (the first Italian to win the title). The twenty-seven year old from Corvara, in the province of Bolzano, was the protagonist during the Milano Montagna Week, an opportunity to tell the story, not canonical, that led her to be the best freerider in the world: “The road has been long. Only growing up did I understand what I wanted. I have been alpine skiing for 10 years, even with good results, but it is too severe a world. Federations, rules, at 16 I still felt like a child and they put me at a crossroads: either you train as you have to or you stop. I have decided to leave. In the same period, unfortunately, two friends died in an avalanche and I changed radically. I started doing what I wanted. First slopestyle, for 4 years, but when it became FIS, then rules and federations again, I lost my spirit and then I switched to freeride. Since I was a child, when it snows I make fresh snow, even with my mother (former Olympic skier of the national team). I started as a joke, while I was in university, and it went well “.


Confirming herself at the top is almost always more difficult, but Arianna is skiing with another spirit, not only for the victory, and it is perhaps her added weapon: “I don’t have a better memory of the past season in the races, but in January there are been two weeks of snowfall. Great, not even comparable to a win. Last year I only thought about skiing and enjoying it, then things come by themselves, if you have fun “. Now everyone is waiting for the three of a kind, a result that would be historic: “On the third title I say that I don’t want to stick to the points, the results. What we do is draw lines on a mountain. They are not expressed in points. I rely on style, but that’s what they look at least (laughs) “.


Italy won the 2026 Winter Olympics, but Arianna Tricomi, despite being currently the queen of Freeride, could not take part in the competition, since freeride is not an Olympic discipline. No regrets, on the contrary: “I am happy like this. I think the Olympics have lost a bit of the spirit and the real message they have always sent. I’ve heard of big projects, new cable cars: I hope they don’t ruin nature and my dear Dolomites. My mother was at the Olympics, it’s certainly a unique experience for those who go, but I’m a bit against it ”. Alternative is also the right recipe, in training, to achieve success: “I don’t have a plan. I don’t want that, it limits me to have plans. I think mental health is the first thing. Don’t blame yourself if you don’t feel like training. It took me some time to figure it out, but I’m always on the go. I did a lot of enduro with my mountain bike. This year the passion for climbing has also arrived. The thing I needed to disconnect. I go with the flow, what makes me feel good. After leaving skiing for a few months, every time I go back to the mountain it is the most beautiful thing in the world ”.

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Arianna Tricomi, the free spirit who does not dream of the Olympics

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