Andor: Series star said Forest Whitaker is going to reprise Saw Gerrera

One of the elements that keep the Star Wars universe together are the characters that are repeated between the series and the films. One of them is Saw Gerrera. He was created by George Lucas for a live-action series that never became. After that they decided to revive the character for the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was a surprise to several that the character was included as a mentor to the protagonist of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 85% and to be played by none other than Forest Whitaker.

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The spin-off of this film was announced and with it the return of several actors. It has not been officially said that the character is going to return, but apparently Stellan Skarsgård has just spilled the beans about the return of this actor. He made an appearance on the Swedish radio show Swedens radio (via Comic Book) to discuss your current and future projects. The interview is in Swedish, but there was a Reddit user who translated it and revealed that he said that in the Star Wars series he shares most of his scenes with Diego Luna, but also a “juicy scene or two” with Forest Whitaker.

He is such an important character in the rebel forces that it would have been strange for him not to appear. It must be remembered that this is not information that has been confirmed by either the actor or Disney, but coming from Stellan, who is currently in London filming the series, it is highly likely that it is true. We will have to wait for it to be officially announced. It also remains to wait for us to know that another character from the lore of Star Wars is brought for this series. By now we know that we can expect anything from this universe.

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On the other hand, there is a rumor that we will see Obi-Wan in the series. With Ewan McGregor back in the ring in his character series, this definitely falls into the realm of the possible, but again there is no information to confirm it, but people are expecting a cameo of that magnitude after seeing Luke Skywalker. in The Mandalorian – 91%. It is highly possible, actually.

Speaking of that actor and that series. He recently spoke with Pedro Pascal and one of the issues that came up is how different it is to act with digital beings as opposed to being a puppet. The actor loved working with the puppet Yoda, but was disappointed when it was replaced by a digital version that took all the magic out of it. In fact, he told Pascal that he is very lucky that Grogu is a puppet and that he should appreciate this fact.

In the first movie that I made [de Star Wars] I was lucky to be able to do my scenes with Yoda’s puppet. And that was extraordinary, because she acted with him. He couldn’t believe he was acting with Yoda. There were a lot of people driving him and the stage was raised so that they were under the floor and then we would walk side by side and he was alive. So every time George said short, Yoda died because everyone just stopped. It was somewhat disturbing every time the end of the scene came. So they replaced it with a digital version for the second and third movies, and it wasn’t as endearing anymore. Also, we knew Yoda as a puppet. We knew him from the first movies as a puppet. So when all of a sudden it was CGI, it didn’t feel like Yoda to me anymore. It’s interesting that they decided to use a real puppet again for your series.

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Andor: Series star said Forest Whitaker is going to reprise Saw Gerrera

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