Alkmaar in Jablonec makes Mihálik sad. For me, it will be a specific match, he admits and bets a draw –

He is the first Czech to wear an Alkmaar jersey. He worked in a Dutch city famous for its cheese markets for a year and a half. However, he spent most of his time there with teammates on the field with club physiotherapists. “It simply came to our notice then. I was in their hands for nine months, “says the bitter fact of the 24-year-old striker today.

He moved to the Netherlands in January 2018, but a few weeks later, he seriously injured his knee ligaments in a junior match. The ruthless ortel sounded: operation! He just rehabilitated for the rest of the year. “I owe the physiotherapists in the club a lot for the willingness and work they did with me every day. They did great with me. At the moment, I don’t even know I’ve been to any surgery. He holds his knee fantastically, “he delights now. And he looks forward to meeting them again at Střelnice on time.

“I think all three will come. I’ll be happy to see them and exchange a few words. Already when we played with Pilsen against AZ for the Champions League last year, we talked about whether everything is fine and whether the knee is holding, “Mihálik recalls last year’s battle for the Champions League, which he unsuccessfully underwent against AZ in the Pilsen jersey. from Alkmaar the year before last.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Petr Hronek from Bohemians attacks Ondřej Mihálik from Viktoria Plzeň during the match of the 4th round of the Fortuna League.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

For the first team AZ in a year and a half long operation, they managed to play a tiny 42 minutes. “I am very sorry that there were so few of those starts. Even in the darkest scenarios, I never imagined that I would be injured for nine months after signing the contract. Over time, I am sad and disappointed that it turned out this way and that I was no longer able to return after my injury to stay in the Netherlands. But I don’t regret anything. I am grateful for that experience. I hope it wasn’t my last foreign stint. At the moment, I’m concentrating on České Budějovice, “clearly says a player nicknamed” Pišta “after his father.

But of course not only with physiotherapists, he wants to say hello to Střelnice, although the team has changed significantly since then. After all, only in the summer AZ sold several supports. The club, which currently includes midfielder Richard Sedláček, earned 1.3 billion crowns. “Albert Gudmundsson is still there, with whom I probably had the most fun in our group of foreigners, then Fredrik Midtsjo and Pantelis Hatzidiakos,” he calculates.

Especially before the first named Mihálik warns. After all, the Icelandic national team has a pifk for Czech teams. A year ago, he cut off Mihálik’s Victoria from the Champions League with two goals, and the first goal with the green and whites decided the only goal in September.

“I did not believe that he would give us two decisive goals. After the match, he was surprised. Now that Jablonec was playing in Alkmaar, I interviewed them and I was already guessing that Albert would hit, “he reveals. The guess came out.” He has a lot of experience at the moment. “If he plays, they will definitely rely on him to score a goal,” Mihálik thinks.

Photo: Václav Pancer, ČTK

Header duel. From left Fortune Bassey from České Budějovice, Marek Suchý from Boleslav, David Jurásek from Boleslav, Ondřej Mihálik from České Budějovice and Milan Škoda from Boleslav.Photo: Vaclav Pancer, CTK

However, Severočechy did not expect one thing in the AZ match. “Jablonec surprised me there, he played a great match. If they play at such a tempo and quality at home, they have a chance of success. Although they have received five goals in Slavia now, which will certainly not help them before the cup, but coach Rada will certainly prepare them so that they will focus only on Thursday’s match, “predicts Mihálik.

According to the Jablonec pupil, the concentration on the match will not be eroded even by the verdict, which is to be handed down by the court in the grant case of FK Jablonec owner Miroslav Pelta on Friday. “Mr. Pelta leaves these things outside the club and cabin. Players don’t notice it extra. There must be some uncertainty, but we will see how the court turns out. Of course, if it ended badly for Mr. Pelt, it wouldn’t be good for Jablonec football. But it will have no effect on Thursday’s match, “he says.

Ondřej Mihálik dedicated his winning goal against České Budějovice to his son Tadeáš.Photo: FCVP

However, the weakening will be the absence of the Cubist tracker, who won the previous round in Denmark. “Vojta performs in the stopper couple with Jarda Zelený regularly. I think that when Jarda didn’t play in Slavia now and he was just Vojta, it was obvious, “says” Pišta “, who scored a month ago against Jablonec in the league for Budějovice.

Who will cheer on in the stands tomorrow? “I dont know at all. I will probably just enjoy the match and the fact that Jablonec is playing European cups and I will look forward to any result. Although, of course, it would be good for Czech football if Jablonec played a good result and advanced from the group, “Mihálik wishes and draws a 1: 1 draw.” Gudmundsson is in the third place again. fine, “he concludes.

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Alkmaar in Jablonec makes Mihálik sad. For me, it will be a specific match, he admits and bets a draw –

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