Alicia Vikander shares her excitement for “Tomb Raider 2”

Misha Green, recently known for her work as a showrunner on the canceled HBO series “Lovecraft Country,” will be in charge of writing and directing the second installment of “Tomb Raider” starring Alicia Vikander, and the Oscar-winning actress has not yet been released. been able to avoid sharing his excitement for this collaboration.

In January 2021, after a long wait by fans of the acclaimed video game saga, it was confirmed that Green would take over as scriptwriter and director, which would originally be held by Ben Wheatley, who was removed from production when it was ” indefinitely suspended ”at the end of 2020.

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The production of “Tomb Raider 2” was scheduled to begin in 2020 with an attempt for its premiere in 2021, although the Covid-19 pandemic would have seriously interfered with these plans, which would lead to this radical change of agenda that was accompanied with a new director in charge.

A few months ago, Misha Green announced that she finished the first draft of the film, which has not yet received a green light from the studio. However, this has not prevented Vikander herself from being completely open about her excitement and support for this project, sharing a few words on the subject in a recent chat with EW.

“It is quite incredible, we are the same age. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m on a Zoom call with an extremely talented woman who I think has done an amazing job.’ It will be amazing if we can make this great movie together, go kick some butt in front of the camera and behind it, ”Vikander commented on his expectations on the production.

On previous occasions, Alicia Vikander has been very vocal about how much she enjoyed filming the first installment of “Tomb Raider.” In this interview, the actress says that she grew up expecting to see these types of adventure films, so the idea of ​​making a sequel, even if it was the last of the franchise, seems extremely exciting.

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Despite the tepid results that “Tomb Raider” presented to the critics during its release in 2018, some fans of the video game consider that the film was despised and that it manages to capture the essence of the most recent trilogy of Lara Croft’s adventures, the which presents the origins of this iconic character. The film has also attracted attention from Green fans following the disappointing cancellation of “Lovecraft Country.”

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Alicia Vikander shares her excitement for “Tomb Raider 2”

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