Alcaraz calls Sinner: “Ours will be the rivalry of the future. And in Milan I win”

The 18-year-old Spaniard will be on the pitch tomorrow at the Palalido for the tournament among the best 8 young players of the season: “Jannik is an example. In two years I hope to be in his position”

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In Paris he made the Italian fans cry by sending Jannik Sinner home in the second round and cutting off his chances of qualifying among the eight of the ATP Finals. Then the Parisians made him cry, transforming the Bercy building into a hellish pit in the eighth final won by enfant du pays Hugo Gaston. After leaving Paris, Carlos Alcaraz arrived in Milan where he will be the protagonist, and not by way of saying, of the Next Gen Atp Finals.

At the Palalido, now Allianz Cloud, it starts tomorrow with the Spaniard on the pitch against Holger Rune, the Dane fresh from victory at the Challenger in Bergamo. Carlos da Murcia, 18 years old on May 5 (on the pitch, taking a lesson from Nadal in Madrid as a birthday party) is already 35 in the world. With an ATP title won in the summer on the Umag red, it has long been said that he will be the new Nadal who undoubtedly shares the work ethic, instilled by coach Juan Carlos Ferrero since the beginning of their collaboration.

The comparison with Nadal pleases me and makes me proud

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Carlos, don’t worry, no one here will ask you about the comparison with Nadal … “Thanks, in any case it is a comparison that makes me happy and makes me proud. I just don’t want to be crushed by the pressure, I continue straight on my path which is still long and full of work to do”.

You see he answered the same … “The habit …”.

She trains with Juan Carlos Ferrero, another piece of tennis history.

“He and I have a wonderful relationship, he taught me and teaches me a lot both on and off the pitch. Commitment and determination are his watchwords, but now he is also a good friend to talk to about everything”.

Sinner chapter. For your first time, in Bercy, there was great anticipation. It was a good match. Result excluded.

“I am not sorry for the result (laughs). Seriously, I have great respect for Jannik who is also a very good boy. But I would go easy on comparisons, he is top 10 at 20 years old. I hope to be in his position in a couple of seasons “.

Yours seemed a very greedy starter of the rivalry that will ignite the circuit in the next 10-15 years.

“I hope so, it would be nice to meet each other many times for important goals. That’s exactly what Paris said to each other, at the end of the match, when I smiled at him on the net.”

They consider you two of the next Big 3, which will be the third?

“No, no, this question is too delicate. I hope to be part of it but this future is still too far away. First there are Medvedev, Tsitsipas, Zverev …”.

We understand that it is modest. Tell us a couple of other adjectives that describe it.

“Well, humble we have already said it. I would add friendly and cheerful”.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m careless, a little distracted. And in fact I forgot to say it …”.

I miss friends, but I feel them when I can. We play together at the Playstation, at Fifa above all

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At 18, he is already 35 in the world. At the US Open she beat Tsitsipas, the sponsors chase her. But don’t you miss the teenage life a bit?

“Of course I miss it. I know I miss many of the experiences that my peers have, but this is the life I have chosen and I like it despite the sacrifices. I miss friends, but when I can I feel them, we play together on the Playstation, Fifa above all “.

No Formula 1? Sinner is a great follower.

“No, I don’t enjoy speed. I don’t have a driver’s license yet. But beware, I’ll get it as soon as I can.”

Do you have other passions besides tennis?

“Sushi … And then I have fun with the padel, or play football games with friends as soon as I can, and relax with golf”.

He plays golf and cheers for Real Madrid, and then he doesn’t want to be compared to Nadal …

“It’s true, we have these passions in common. To tell the truth, they also share many other Spaniards”.

Returning to Milan, he trained with Musetti yesterday. How did the building look to you?

«Very nice, I like the surface and training with Lorenzo was also interesting.”

Do you know that everyone will be cheering for him?

“As is normal, playing in Italy”.

But who wins these Next Gen Finals?

“I hope to do as Sinner two years ago and take the trophy home. I came on purpose …”.

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Alcaraz calls Sinner: “Ours will be the rivalry of the future. And in Milan I win”

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