Actress Constance Wu’s outraged reaction to the renewal of her series went viral | TV and Show

These days the North American channels are analyzing their series, renewing some for new seasons and canceling others due to their poor results.

Last Friday it was announced that the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat he would return for a sixth cycle, which excited some of his fans, but not one of his stars.

“I am very upset. I am literally crying. Ugh. Shit, “wrote the actress Constance Wu on Twitter, an hour before the news was released. “Damn,” he added.


When a tweeter congratulated her, her reply was not what everyone expected. “What good news,” wrote the netizen, to which she replied: “They are not”.


Recall that last year, the actress achieved popularity and great comments when starring in the film Madly millionaires.

After the criticism she received on social networks for her reaction, the actress had to come out to give explanations and assured that her words were misinterpreted.

Today’s tweets were for a difficult day and coincided with the news of the series. Please, I am very grateful for the renewal of the series. I love the cast and crew. I am proud to be a part of this. For all the support from the fans, thanks to all who support my casual use of the word Shit, thank you too, “he said.

On Saturday, Wu posted another message offering further clarification on his initial reaction to the news. “I love the series. I was a little upset yesterday not because I hated the show, but its renewal meant that I had to give up on another project that I was really passionate about. “, wrote. “So my dismayed social networks were more about that other project and not about the series,” he added.

However, the damage had already been done, and his reaction became the new fad on social networks, where netizens began to copy his way of reacting to positive news.

Seth MacFarlane, for example, was one of them. “#TheOrville was renewed for season 3! Hooray @SethMacFarlane! “Wrote one netizen, to which he replied,” For the fucking shit. ”

Sam Lerner from The Goldbergs, did something similar to share a news of the renewal of his series for a seventh season. “Ugh, damn it. I’m so upset now, ”he said.

For his part, the actor Joel Kim Booster of the series Sunnyside, celebrated the launch of the trailer for his show.

“Curse. We already have a trailer! I am literally crying! We also have a schedule! Thursday night at 9:30 pm. Ugh Damn. I am so lucky. Happy Mother’s Day, ”he wrote.


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Actress Constance Wu’s outraged reaction to the renewal of her series went viral | TV and Show

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