Actor from Chatham-Kent ‘fortunate and grateful’ to play Paw Patrol’s villain

Since movie theatres have reopened to the public, one family-friendly Canadian film drawing customers back to the box office features an actor with local roots.

Ron Pardo, originally from Pardoville in Chatham-Kent, plays the villain Mayor Humdinger in PAW Patrol: The Movie.

A majority of the film’s fans are young children who wouldn’t be able to recognize Pardo in person, but he says the response has been positive.

“I think deep down they like Humdinger because he gives PAW Patrol a reason to be good,” he said.

PAW Patrol: The Movie is the first feature film produced by Toronto-based toy and entertainment company Spin Master. It is based on the popular children’s television series PAW Patrol, which Pardo has been a key actor on for nearly a decade.

While the Canadian actor has led a successful career in the film and entertainment industry, he did not start in the arts until his mid-30s.

Pardo began his career as an elementary school teacher. From 1983 until 1995 he taught at Christ the King elementary school in Cambridge, Ont. In 1994 at age of 35, he chose to try something new.

“I put together a short stand-up set, went to Yuk Yuk’s in Kitchener and I just kept going from there,” he said.

One year later, Pardo said he won a search for Canada’s funniest new comic in 1994. He soon resigned from teaching and set out on his new career path.

Ron Pardo plays Mayor Humdinger in PAW Patrol: The Movie, which was released in theatres on Aug. 20. (Submitted by Ron Pardo)

In 2013, Pardo landed the role of Cap’n Turbot, a book-smart marine biologist, on the television series PAW Patrol.

“I just do the best job I can coming up with character voices and personalities and as the show gets rolling I realize the scope of it and how successful it’s been and just so much fun to be part of. I’m very fortunate and grateful,” he said.

Show has ‘positive message’

The film hit theatres on Aug. 20, and it features some other Canadian actors as well. Pardo said this is simply because “there is a lot of talent in Canada.”

“From creation to direction to animation to the voicing, script writing. It’s all there. I just try to fill in my spot where I can,” he said.

He attributes the success of the film to a combination of cute puppies, funny characters and the overall message.

“The message is teamwork and stepping up to be a hero when times are down. I think it’s got a very positive message,” he said.

Since Pardo made his transition to acting and entertainment, he has been featured in over 95 different series but he hopes to keep working with the PAW Patrol cast and crew as long as he can.

“As long as the show is successful, I’ll stick around,” he said.

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Windsor Morning7:59Paw Patrol

Many of us have yet to venture back to the movie theatres since they reopened this summer, but families of preschoolers have had a real attraction to lure them to the box office the past couple of weekends. Paw Patrol: The Movie features the voice of a local man as its main villain. Tony Doucette speaks with actor Ron Pardo. 7:59

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