a curious real name and his affair with a ‘Friends’ actress

His career has been based on the unpredictable: you can never guess what his next role will be and also he never plays it as expected. In the movie that marked his first moment of fame, ‘Mr. Mom ‘, Michael Keaton he played a family man at a time when that concept was almost unheard of. Later he would improvise much of his fantastic role in the ‘Bitelchús’ from Tim Burton, with which he would repeat giving life to the Batman furthest from the stereotype of a muscular superhero.

Son of a devout Irish Catholic and being the youngest of seven siblings, One of the most talented actors of his generation was curiously born with the name of another of the most talented actors of his generation, since he is only six years older than him: Michael Douglas. It was at the time of joining the actors union when he realized that that name was already taken. Looking for surnames that began with the letter ‘K’ he decided to choose the Keaton – others say it was a tribute to Buster Keaton– with whom we know him, although legally he still has the same name as Catherine Zeta-Jones’ husband.

Keaton in the comedy ‘My doubles, my wife and I’. (Getty)

After making himself known by his comedy performances in the early 80s, the actor changed course in his career towards more dramatic roles. In the space of five years, he went from being a total stranger to a household name across the planet. He also married the actress Caroline McWilliams and had a son, Sean. Of that dizzying decade, however, he admits remembering rather little.

“My life was simple then: I got married, bought a house, quickly had a child, a career and a lot of fame, and the latter was not something that drove me crazy. I didn’t hate that attention, but it was never my priority“, he recognized in an interview with ‘The Guardian’.

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Divorced from McWilliams, in 1990, this one died of cancer in 2010, something that was a very hard blow for Keaton. Neither he nor she had remarried or had more children. In conversation with the magazine ‘Elle’, the protagonist of ‘Birdman’ remembered how traumatic her passing was for him and Sean.

“My brother and sister also lost their ex-partners, and they both told me it was going to shock me hard, but in the end it was worse than I imagined. I began to experience strange feelings, not necessarily bad because I was always very close to Caroline, but I thought a lot about her, how extraordinary she had been as a mother. If Sean is the man he is today, it’s because of her“, he confessed.

Michael Keaton and his son Sean. (Getty)

Father and son now have an excellent relationship and support each other in their careers – the young man is a successful composer who already has been nominated for a Grammy– as well as posing together often on the red carpets. After marrying Rachel Bartov In 2014, the couple gave Keaton their first grandson in 2017.

Jealous of his private life, the interpreter has only known another romantic relationship after his divorce. It was with the ‘Friends’ star, Courteney Cox, whom he met in 1989, before she rose to fame for the popular sitcom. He introduced them to a mutual friend and as the actress would confess to ‘People’, the crush between the two was instantaneous.

Michael Keaton and Courteney Cox dated for six years. (Getty)

“We talked for five hours about the houses that we would like to have, on which we had seen, and on which we wanted to build ourselves “, declared Courteney then.” We got along so well, that when something happened that caught our attention, we looked at each other and we already knew what the other was thinking; we were always on the same wavelength. ”

Although they were close to passing through the altar, finally their relationship broke up in 1995. After their separation, the interpreter would marry David Arquette, whom he divorced in 2013. Keaton would later be credited with an affair with his co-star in ‘Batman’, Michelle Pfeiffer, which was never confirmed.

Photo: Dwayne Johnson, in a file image.  (Getty)
This is the inside of the spectacular ranch that Dwayne Johnson has put up for sale

Jorge C. Parcero

Although in recent times the paparazzi have captured photos of the actor From time to time with an unidentified woman, Keaton seems more interested in enjoying hobbies like hunting and sports like golf and snowboarding. Although his true passion is ranches.

In addition to owning an impressive mansion in the Pacific Palisades, the veteran performer owns two large ranches. The first was acquired in Montana in 1980, and that is where it resides most often. It has an area of ​​more than 400 hectares and He uses it both to grow hay and to raise cattle. His second ranch is located in the Californian town of Santa Barbara, a stone’s throw from his mansion.

Michael Keaton in the role of Batman. (Warner Bros.)

Although we have recently seen him in roles like ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ o ‘Dumbo’, Keaton went through a hiatus in acting after savoring the honeys of success, when suddenly the producers stopped knocking on his door. It was ‘Birdman’ the film that put him back on the path of international recognition.

Soon we will also see him recovering his iconic role, thirty years later, of bat Man on ‘The Flash’, the next production on the big screen of the DC universe. “It’s kind of like saying, ‘Oh, oh yeah, that’s it.’ But then you start to play the scenes and lots of interesting memories come back“, he explained to ‘Jake’s Takes’ about what he had felt when he put on the character suit again, refusing to confirm if he repeats the iconic phrase “I am Batman”.

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a curious real name and his affair with a ‘Friends’ actress

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