7 famous (rather iconic) bars in the world that you must visit

Why are there famous bars? There are good bars in all parts of the world, all of them have interesting cocktails, good food, atmosphere, music and stories, but only a few become icons of popular culture and symbols of the cities in which they are located.

The famous bars They are because they are more than just places to go and have fun, they are full of stories, their tables have been occupied by legendary characters (new and old) and, for generations, locals and visitors have kept them alive, reserving special moments for have a drink in one of its benches at the bar or to celebrate with friends through thick and thin.

And not only that, some have incredible views of each city, others have decorations of important characters or even became the meeting point where the most brilliant, creative and important minds went to try to decipher the meaning of life. HemingwayFor example, he was a frequent customer of one of the most famous bars in Cuba, where to this day his favorite drink is still prepared.

Furthermore, many of the most iconic bars they were also the birthplace of the best cocktails (such as the Old Fashioned) and that is where you can try the best versions, with the original recipe.

The iconic bars where you must have a drink before you die:

Bemelmans Bar, New York

This bar has appeared in many series and movies set in New York, from On the Rocks, from Sofia Coppola, to the High Fidelity series and many other movie gems.

This bar opened in The Carlyle, en el Upper East Side, the 40s and there used to be the best jazz pianists in the city, and it is so called because the artist Ludwig Bemelmans (author of Madeline’s books) used it as a hiding place, in addition to being the creator of the famous illustrations seen on the tapestry, depicting the 4 seasons seen from Central Park.

The bar was restored in 2002, but maintaining its Art Deco style with leather and gold details, which makes you feel like you travel back in time every time you visit (and you can enjoy a good drink along with some snacks and classic dishes ).

American Bar, Londres

This bar is located inside the legendary hotel The Savoy, in London and, according to history, it was one of the first places in Europe to pick up a major American export, cocktails.

The bar does not have crazy stories, but it has seen some of the most famous bartenders pass by, such as the creator of the cocktail Hanky Panky and the author of The Savoy Cocktail Book. In addition, the bar preserves its most important traditions, you can still see waiters wearing elegant suits, and it has an Old School and elegant style that lets you know a little more about the history of cocktails, within an Art Deco-style place that it is an important point in the city.

Boadas, Barcelona

The Cuban guy Miguel Boadas He opened this bar in the 30s, after having passed through one of the most famous bars in Havana, where he learned everything he knew, and took it to Barcelona.

This small bar with a triangular construction is one of the oldest in Barcelona, ​​and throughout its history it has been recognized for its perfect Martinis. The bar is very close to Las Ramblas and with the passage of time it has managed to maintain a spirit that combines the elegant with the bohemian.

El Floridita, Havana

In addition to La Bodeguita del Medio, El Floridita It is one of the most famous bars in Cuba and the world, and it was here that Ernest Hemingway used to spend the afternoon drinking daiquiris, which is considered the birthplace of this drink (or so they say).

This bar and restaurant captures the Cuban spirit, with flamboyant flair, a party-inviting atmosphere and the best cocktails, along with a food menu that doesn’t fail. The bar became popular during Prohibition times, when many American expats began visiting it, and it is its reputation, elegance, and good service and quality that have helped keep it alive, even without help from Hemingway, who allegedly used to refuse. to leave his seat at the end of the bar.

Napoleon House, Nueva Orleans

New Orleans it is a city full of history, magic and traditions, and alcohol and cocktails are an important part of the city.

Napoleon Bar has remained an important point in the French Quarter for over a century, and the best part is that many of its original details are still preserved. This place, with high ceilings and walls with old paint (which give it some mystery and romance) is famous for its Pimm´s Cup, which was introduced by the owner because he wanted something that would help resist the heat, but leave people too drunk, and it is said that you can spend all day there without realizing that time is moving on.

Bar Hemingway, Paris

“When I dream of an afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place [allí]”, wrote Hemingway about this bar in The Ritz Paris. The legendary author had a few favorite bars, but this was his top, and it is said that this was where he celebrated the withdrawal of the Nazis from the city, paying for more than 50 martinis for those who were there at the time.

The bar was closed for a long time, but reopened in 2016 after undergoing a renovation, where its vintage-style decor and a collection of memorabilia and portraits of the writer were maintained (and its menu was designed by the renowned mixologist, Colin Field).

New York Bar, Tokio

Are you a fan of Lost in Translation de Sofía Coppola? This is the bar you have to visit, as it was here that Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray They started their adventure in Tokyo.

This bar is located on the 52nd floor of the hotel Park Hyatt and it is an elegant place where, in addition to being able to have good cocktails or have a meal, you can have a spectacular view of the city. Currently, the menu includes a cocktail inspired by the movie (the LIT) and a good selection of the best whiskeys in Japan.

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7 famous (rather iconic) bars in the world that you must visit

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