7 actors from your favorite shows as kids are dads: Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Joe Jonas

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During our childhood and adolescence, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel gave us incredible and very funny series such as Drake and Josh, Wizards of Waverly Place O iCarly. In addition to eliciting many of our most heartfelt smiles and laughter, these shows also introduced us to our first ever teen crushes, who, like us, have grown up and some of them are even dads!

#1 Drake Bell

In the 2000s, Drake Bell and Josh Peck starred in Drake & Josh and they wowed us with their fun sibling relationship. Years later, Drake married actress Janet Von Schmeling and they recently became parents to an adorable baby boy. In September 2021, the actor shared photos of his son on his Instagram but deleted them almost immediately.

#2 Josh Peck

Years before his co-star of Drake & Josh After venturing into parenthood, Josh Peck had mastered sleepless nights and diaper changes. The actor and his wife Paige O’Brien, with whom he has shared his life in marriage since 2017, expanded their family with the birth of their son Max in December 2018.

The actor constantly shares photos of his little Max, who is no longer a cute baby and is emerging as an adorable child.

#3 David Henrie

In 2007, David Henry first played Justin Russo, Alex’s older brother in The Wizards of Waverly Place. Ten years after his success on the Disney Channel series, Henry married Maria Cahill, Miss Delaware 2011, and in March 2019 they became parents to their daughter Pia.

In 2020, just like a beautiful Christmas present, Henry was blessed with his second son, James Thomas Augustine Emanuel, who was born on December 25, 2020.

#4 Nathan Kress

During his youth, Nathan Kress rose to fame thanks to his role as Freddie Benson in iCarly, This role is so loved by the actor that in 2021 he played it again in the revival of the series where his character, like him, is already a father.

In 2015, Nathan married his co-star from Into the Storm London Elise Moore and two years later, in December 2017, their home was filled with more love thanks to the birth of their daughter Rosie. His little girl is the older sister of his second daughter Evie Elise, who was born in March 2021.

# 5 Joe Jonas

In 2008, Joe Jonas conquered television with the movies of Camp Rockas well as the hearts of many. The actor and singer continues to captivate with his talent and also with his incredible relationship with actress Sophie Turner.

Together they are the parents of a little girl, who was born in July 2020. However, at the moment they have not published any photos of their baby; they have only shared some captures of the time in which Sophie was pregnant.

# 6 Kevin Jonas

Unlike his brother, Kevin Jonas does constantly share photos of his entire family: his wife Danielle Deleasa and their two daughters, Alena and Valentina.

His daughters are already all beautiful girls. The oldest is Alena, who was born in February 2014. A little over two years later, in October 2016, Valentina arrived.

#7 Christopher Massey

Zoey 101 had a cast of several guys who won us over. However, at the moment, only one of them is a father: Christopher Massey who gave life to Michael Barret, the best friend of Chase Matthews.

The actor, who for the past few years has been a bit oblivious to television, is the father of three children: two girls Mariah and Bella, and a boy Carter.

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7 actors from your favorite shows as kids are dads: Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Joe Jonas

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