5 reasons why it is important to see the new adaptation

On September 3, it was released Cinderella, the musical starring Camila Cabello under the direction of Kay Cannon. And yes, we might think that it is, once again, the story in which a helpless woman needs a prince to save her. But no.

Cinderella it’s a modern adaptation that although it adheres to some guidelines of the story (the “happily ever after” is indispensable), it comes with some changes that add to the current conversations of empowerment, representation, inclusion and diversity. How do they do that? Not only with history, but with a lot of elements that accompany a fun (and very musical) production.

If the musicals are not given to them or they have not been animated, perhaps these reasons do convincing work and see Cinderella.

Camila Cabello as Ella in ‘Cinderella’. / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

1.- A business woman

The story of Cinderella it is simple. It trat of a young orphan who lives with her stepmother, a woman who decides to exploit her because she is envious of her beauty and goodness. LThe only way she can get out of the clutches of her stepmother is by marrying a man who takes her away. And what better if that man is a prince?

The story unfolded centuries ago (HERE We leave you a quiz about history), so we cannot be surprised that everything is based on a relationship of economic dependency. However, eThe 180 degree turn taken by the original adaptation of Amazon Prime Video with Camila Cabello is the most determining part of the film by sticking to a current female figure.

She lives under her stepmother, but her aspirations are not to know love, but to start her own business, as she is a great seamstress and works on exclusive dress designs. Your dream, well, is buy a local to display their dresses. Is there a prince? Yes, but her personal and professional development comes before a romantic relationship and a princess title.


Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine in ‘Cinderella’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

2.- His relationship with the current world

As we told you at the beginning, Cinderella It is an adaptation that adheres to the female empowerment discourse that prevails today, but it also does so with the needs to see well-known characters, in their same idyllic surroundings, as a teaching of what should remain in the past.

She seeks to start her own business to be independent and support in her home (despite the fact that he excludes her); But it is not only her story that stands out, but that of most of the women present as Princess Gwen, who is in the shadow of her brother (and the tradition of the successor man) even though she is the only one capable of making intelligent decisions.

Cinderella puts on the table the autonomy of its protagonist and the leadership and understanding capacity of those who accompany it to promote a single message: sisterhood.


Tallulah Greive as Princess Gwen in ‘Cinderella’. / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

3.- The main cast

Cinderella is Camilla Cabello’s debut. As we know, She is one of the best known singers today, so her participation in the cast of this musical is important. Cabello gives life to Ella, our constant heroine in a film that takes advantage of a classic to reveal the needs of a modern discourse today.

And the truth is that it does it quite well accompanied by an interesting cast also led by Idina Menzel, multinominated actress for the Tony Awards who stood out from her participation in Frozen with the voice of Elsa and the milestone of “Let It Go”. Idina is Ella’s stepmother who feels rushed by the financial needs of her family made up of pure women in a time when they could not have autonomy. The twist is also interesting.


Billy Porter as Fab G in ‘Cinderella’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Billy Porter is Fab G, Ella’s fairy godmother which adds a fun twist to the story, recognizing, for example, that commercial success often depends on “rich white people“. In addition, he is assumed as a narrator and has a musical number.

Cinderella is perhaps the largest production for Nicholas Galitzine, who is accompanied by Minnie Driver, Pierce Brosnan, James Corden, Tallulah Greive with the surprising presence of Nandi Bushell (yes, the explosive girl who beat Dave Grohl in a battle on drums).

Epic!  Nandi Bushell finally met Dave Grohl and played with the Foo Fighters

Photo via Instagram: @ graciepug1

4.- Diversity and inclusion

We already talked about the main cast in which the most important musical numbers reside, but it is also important to note that within this great production – posed as an idea by James Corden – there is a huge variety of dancers and singers that encourage representation in a story lacking in diversity.

But this is not only carried in front of the screen, but behind it with a strong female presence that not only points to Cannon as a director and screenwriter, but to most of its production with Jessica Weiss en el score, who has collaborated on several occasions with Rupert Gregson-Williams, John Debney, The Newton Brothers and Mychael Danna, the latter also part of Cinderella.

Ellen Mirojnick is in charge of costume design, a renowned designer who in recent years has collaborated with Angelina Jolie on First They Killed My Father (2017) and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019); but he took the palms for what he did in The Greatest Showman (2017). His career started with Fatal Attraction of the 87 and collaborated in several films with Michael Douglas.


Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine as Ella and Robert. / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

5.- The music that gives life

The director Kay Cannon is known for being the mind behind the musical comedies of Pitch Perfect, but her work has been broader by being part of the team of writers and writers of programs such as 30 Rock, New Girl and Girlboss. So his presence is already synonymous with the fact that we are facing a funny story in musical terms.

But there is not only her. We highlight the presence of Scott Harris, a music producer who has collaborated with Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Khalid, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello herself on some of his biggest hits. And to Cinderella is again a dumbbell with the singer for “Million to One”, the title track of the tape. Another original song is “Dream Girl” performed by Idina Menzel.


Idina Menzel as Vivian in ‘Cinderella’. / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Among some scenes, it appears Ben Bailey Smith to rap the summary of what we just saw and introduce us to the new scenario. There are the songs “The New Barry”, “Shot at the Crown” y “Shoe Made of Glass”. They are some of the most dynamic and fun parts of the film.

But what is most striking are the covers. Here we leave you the complete list of songs that were used for Cinderella:

“Somebody to Love” the Queen

“Material Girl” de Madonna

“Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz

“Shining Star” de Earth, Wind & Fire

“Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue

“Seven Army Nation” de White Stripes

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

“Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez

Cinderella is an original Amazon Prime Video movie out now. Check it out HERE!

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5 reasons why it is important to see the new adaptation

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