5 gestures that make him an amazing guy

There are actors that the world adores even though they are not Marlon Brando, interpretively speaking of course. Sometimes for charisma, as can be the case of Will Smith and others for the series of anecdotes that are around them in their personal life, this being the case of Keanu Reeves. In the world of Hollywood, where glamor, appearances and waste are the order of the day, there are actors who prefer to maintain their lives as if nothing had happened, showing themselves close to the public and the real life of the people. Keanu Reeves turns 57 today and we celebrate it by reviewing 5 gestures that make him an incredible guy:

1-In the Matrix for the team he was also “The chosen one”

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There are several occasions in which Keanu Reeves has lowered his salary so that other actors could join the production as in the case of Al Pacino in Pact with the devil, but in other shoots like in the first Matrix, he was also especially generous. Presented 12 Harley-Davidson motorcycles to specialists Venture who participated in the film to thank them for their work.

2-Always keep calm, even on a plane

Keanu Reeves en «Speed» (20 Century Fox)

Revees use public transport on many occasions, which in turn leads you to travel economy class by plane when you have to. On a flight going to Los Angeles, the plane had problems and made an emergency landing. He kept calm and helped organize a transport to San Francisco for the people, in addition to entertaining fans with anecdotes about his work.

3-Donate large sums of money and do not brag about it

Keanu Reeves cumple
Keanu Reeves in a hospital that finances with his aid

Keanu Reeves surely has years of being one of the actors who has donated the most money to hospitals children and cancer research. He runs a charitable foundation that is private, but his name is removed from any connection with the organization. “I don’t like putting my name, I just let the foundation do what it does” the actor pointed out in an interview for Ladies Home Journal.

4-It does not make people cry, much less Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder en «Drácula» (Columbia Pictures)

On the set of Dracula from Francis Ford Coppola, the filmmaker wanted the actor from Matrix yelled at her co-star to make her cry. Reeves refused to do it and Winona the companionship of her fiancée boyfriend in fiction It touched him so much that he really managed to cry.

5-Helped Octavia Spencer when she was nobody in the industry

Keanu Reeves cumple
Octavia Spencer in “Ma” (Morena Films

Today, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer is a true acting starBut by the early 2000s he was still a somewhat unknown face in the industry. Scruffy and with her dirty second-hand car, she had trouble starting it in a glamorous part of Beverly Hills. Nobody helped him until a guy on a motorcycle (You will know who we are talking about) he stopped and pushed his car to get it started while she was inside. Seeing Revees help, many more people joined in pushing the car.

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5 gestures that make him an amazing guy

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