10 TV series with a great beat

The biggest advantage that television has over film is its length: many stories require a long duration to explore all corners of their worlds, which makes them more suitable for episodic adaptations. Television series, if successful, are further divided into annual seasons that tend to stick to a single plot (or a group of related subplots).

So keeping a steady pace has a significant effect on the overall storyline, as even a small derailment could throw the entire series off balance. That said, some series know exactly how to handle the ebbs and flows of their respective narratives.

10 The Crown is transformed through the character of the Queen

The Crown It’s one of the most expensive TV series ever, and it shows. Beginning with the role of Princess Elizabeth as her father’s emissary, it quickly transforms into the experiences of a young queen learning to manage a shrinking empire.

Season three moves forward a few years, bringing Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth to Olivia Colman. Nonetheless, The Crown it moves along its timeline with a consistency that many biopics fail to achieve or maintain.

9 Bigmouth handles delicate subjects with incredible sincerity

A painfully accurate series on puberty (and all that goes with it), Big Mouth has managed to stay fresh and inventive throughout four deeply emotional seasons.

It reveals that growth does not necessarily occur at the same rate for everyone; some people, like Nick, take their own time, while others, like Jay, develop considerably earlier. Nevertheless,Big Mouth It doesn’t just focus on hormones, as it delves into sensitive topics like depression and anxiety with incredible sincerity.

8 Sense8 has much more narrative to offer

Although Sense8 was canceled after two seasons (and a long series finale), the series managed to cover the breadth of its character arcs without losing steam.

This is quite impressive, considering how easy it is to rush a story to its ill-timed conclusion, a choice that often leads to disappointment among fans. That said, it is clear that a Sense8 He has much more narrative left to offer his viewers.

7 Travelers is a finished product despite its untimely cancellation

Travelers It does nothing new with the concept of time travel, but the fact that it expects its various protagonists to overcome the volatile situations in which they are placed shows that the series believes in the strength of its plot.

Travelers it was canceled after its third season, but the way its ending is designed provides complete satisfaction. There is nothing more to say, nor is there any egregiously loose thread left to tie.

6 Dear White People will likely come full circle in season four

Dear White People takes a fascinating route in terms of narrative, transforming a group of politically active black students into an elite university through multiple incarnations. Sam White slowly recognizes the slips of being a leader, but that doesn’t stop him from seeking alternative strategies to avoid becoming a sellout.

In fact, each of the main characters in Dear White People matures unexpectedly. The fourth and final season of the series is set to solve the tantalizing mystery surrounding the Order of X.

5 30 Rock thoroughly redefined the sitcom genre

Although seven seasons of mischief SNL-themed may not be enough for devoted fans of 30 Rock, its unique architectures reveal everything that can go wrong in a machine with so many moving parts.

Be supposed toThe Girlie Show is an allusion to SNLbut it works just as well to describe the hilarious absurdity of its parent show. Tina Fey’s comedy masterpiece redefines sitcom so thoroughly that the entire genre can be divided into two distinct periods: before and after. 30 Rock.

4 What We Do in the Shadows handles the concept of its predecessor with finesse

What we do in the shadows (2014), by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, is a spectacular example of the mockumentary style, garnering universal acclaim for its tense narrative.

The FX television series tackles the concept of a vampires’ roommate with equal finesse, albeit set on the other side of the world, New Zealand. The four Staten Island vampires (and their facilitator Guillermo) develop an interdependent relationship over two perfectly built seasons, with a third currently underway.

3 Veep weaves reality and hyperbole so tightly that they become indistinguishable

The undeniable talent ofVeep it resides in manifesting the (barely) human side of the political drama in Washington DC, taking its audience through the real circus that is the United States government.

Veep weaves reality and hyperbole so tightly that it is impossible to separate them, underscoring the dark terror of having clueless narcissists in charge of national security. Selina Meyer ends up fulfilling her dream of becoming POTUS, but what really matters are the friends she loses along the way.

2 Boston Legal adjusts its narrative rhythm according to the emotional flow

Boston Legal is one of the best spin-offs on television, carrying the legacy of The Apprentice through the sophisticated cheekiness of Alan Shore and the stubborn energy of Denny Crane. While not exactly scientific in its portrayal of legal settings, the series’ progressive outlook and sharp humor help solidify it in pop culture consciousness.

Boston Legal it works its way through five extraordinary seasons, adjusting its narrative rhythm according to the overall emotional flow of the story. Cases can come and go, but Crane, Poole, and Schmidt are timeless.

1 Seinfeld relentlessly fulfills his original intention: to be about nothing

Seinfeld It needs neither introduction nor justification: it is the series that shaped the 90s more than any other television show (in any other decade). There is only a weak connection between the seasons, or the episodes, for that matter, but that matters little in a show that is relentless in fulfilling its original intention: to be “about nothing.”

Its four protagonists do not change, they do not receive or seek closure, and they certainly do not improve as people. And that’s the point of Seinfeld.

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10 TV series with a great beat

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