10 Scariest Horror Movies You Can Watch For Free On Crackle

As Halloween draws closer, many horror fans have probably watched everything there is to see on Netflix and Amazon. Luckily, there are some great FREE streaming services out there that anyone can have access to, without paying a penny.

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One of the best free streaming services is Crackle. The platform has movies, TV shows, and even original series. They also have a robust selection of horror and thriller movies, perfect for offering up some scares. Here are the 10 scariest movies you can stream for free on Crackle right now.

10 The Exorcist III (1990)

After the raving success of The Exorcist, a sequel was soon in development. However, Exorcist II: The Heretic was poorly received and almost destroyed the possibility of a franchise. But the 1990’s The Exorcist III was an unexpected success, and throughout the years it has gained even more popularity. William Peter Blatty returned to write the script, which follows a series of murders that seem to be committed by a deceased serial killer (whom Blatty largely based off the Zodiac Killer).

9 Grave Encounters (2011)

In this indie gem, a Ghost Hunters-style paranormal reality show decides to investigate an abandoned psychiatric hospital that’s rumored to be haunted. Little does the cast and crew know that they’re about to get a lot more than they bargained for. Grave Encounters was filmed in the found-footage style during the genre’s height of popularity following the massive success of the Paranormal Activity films. It premiered at Tribeca and spawned a 2012 sequel.

8 Howl (2015)

After a late-night train departs London, it hits a deer in the middle of the forest. After coming to a stop to remove the antlers jammed under the carriage, the passengers discover that the smell of blood has lured something out of the forest…

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Howl is an excellent revamp of the werewolf story and adds a lot of new twists and turns to keep the story fresh. Plus, the setting of being on a train in the middle of the forest was a brilliant way to create the tension of isolation and desperation, making the film even scarier.

7 Prom Night (1980)

Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis donned her horror crown once again with Prom Night. In the film, teens at a local high school began being killed one by one on prom night. Curtis once again proves herself to be a fierce final girl, and (also, once again) discovers that the killer is actually her brother. The movie became one of the biggest hits of the 80s and spawned three sequels and a 2008 remake starring Brittany Snow.

6 The Ring (2002)

The Ring was based on the Japanese horror film Ring, and opened the floodgates to the wave of Japanese horror remakes that would dominate the US box office throughout the 2000s, like The Grudge, Dark Water, and One Missed Call. The Ring starred Naomi Watts and centers around a videotape that, if watched, will kill you in seven days. The film became so popular that many people began receiving prank calls with an ominous voice saying “seven days”, just as in the film. It was even parodied in the Scary Movie franchise.

5 Train to Busan (2016)

Moments before a train leaves Seoul for Busan, a zombie outbreak begins after a leak at a chemical plant. Right as the train is about to depart, an infected girl hops onboard. Soon after, she turns and begins infecting other passengers on the train. Train to Busan is the perfect mix of action and horror and creates a constant feeling of tension. After its premiere at Sundance, the film went on to gross almost $100 million worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing Korean films ever.

4 The Clearing (2020)

The Clearing is a Crackle original film that centers around a father who takes his daughter on a camping trip right as a zombie apocalypse beings to spread around the world. The two soon discover that they may not make it out of the woods alive.

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The movie became one of Crackle’s most-viewed original films in the streaming service’s history, and has opened the doors for the company to produce more original content.

3 Phantasm (1979)

Phantasm introduced the world to the Tall Man, a shapeshifting alien who takes the form of a cemetery undertaker in order to turn the dead into slaves on his home planet. While the plot sounds incredibly crazy, the movie was executed perfectly and has since become a cult classic among horror fans. Its first sequel didn’t come until almost 10 years after the film’s initial release, but has since produced a total of four sequels. Most notably, however, is the fact that the Tall Man is cited as an influence for the Slender Man.

2 The Sacrament (2013)

Heavily inspired by the infamous Jonestown Massacre, The Sacrament is about a religious cult that lives in a remote compound in the forest. When a film crew arrives to make a documentary, things quickly spiral out of control.

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It’s discovered that a group of members want out of the cult and claim they’ve been abused and brainwashed. The cult, however, now aware that the world will find out they haven’t created a utopia, is set to kill themselves and the filmmakers. The scariest part of the movie is how real the events actually are.

1 The Uninvited (2009)

The Uninvited is the US remake of the popular Korean horror film A Tale of Two Sisters. In the film, a teenage girl attempts suicide after the mysterious death of her mother. Upon returning home after months in a suicide ward, she’s convinced that her new stepmom was the culprit. However, in the film, nothing is as it seems, and the killer could still be on the loose…

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